Multi Level Easy Harvest Farm


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The Multi Level Easy Harvest Farm

The multi level worm farm is a clean and easy to use setup.

It consist out of four durable high quality bins that is stacked on top of each other

The 1st bin which is at the bottom of the tower collects the fluids that drains through the farm over time. This fluid can be used as a liquid fertilizer in the garden or be re-introduce into the farm to keep it moist. The bin is fitted with a tap for easy drainage

The 2nd and 3rd bin is the level where the worms will to their work. The worms will be fed in die 2nd bin until the bin becomes full. The 3 rd bin will then be placed on top of the second where the feeding will commence. The worms will then migrate over time from the 2nd bin to the 3rd bin in search of  food. Once that 3rd bin is full then the second bin can be removed, It will basically contain pure vermicompost. Once the compost is harvested from the 2nd bin, the now empty bin can be placed on top 3rd bin and process can be repeated. This process makes harvesting the vermicompost easy since it eliminate the need to have to separate the worms from the compost.

The fourth bin serves as a Lid and also a handy container to keep some needed water, feed and lime available.

In depth instructions will be given with the farm with personal support if needed

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