80L Wormcasting Bags (Vermicompost)


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80L Wormcasting Bags (Vermicompost)

80L (50KG) bags wormcastings. A Compost which is Black gold in the organic world, for its amazing function and application that leaves absolute no chemical footprint. 100% Organic

Here are some incredible uses of vermicompost;

  • It enhances plant growth
  • Suppresses disease in plants
  • Increases porosity and microbial activity in soil
  • Improves water retention and ventilation
  • Serves as a mild pesticide
  • It  benefits the environment by reducing the need for chemical fertilizers
  • It decreases the amount of waste going to landfills.
  • a Potent liquid (Tea) can be extracted  from vermicompost that is filled with organic matter, microorganisms, and nutrients
  • This tea then may be applied directly to plant foliage, reportedly to enhance disease suppression.
  •  This tea also may be applied to the soil as a supplement between compost applications to increase biological activity.

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