SA Worm Farming

The next big trend in SA Entrepreneurial industry

There is a big shift in South Africa towards a greener and more organic approach in the way we do farming and business. People want a green and organic solution that yields results. From big scale farming all the way down to your veggie garden in your back yard.

Worm Farming gives you exactly that solution

It fills the void almost perfectly.

Red Wiggler earth worms are natures most amazing little creatures that can convert (Recycle) everyday waste like paper, boxes, kitchen scraps and garden waste into an amazing product called Vermicompost. A Compost which is Black gold in the organic world, for its amazing function and application that leaves absolute no chemical footprint.

Here are some incredible uses of vermicompost;

  • It enhances plant growth
  • Suppresses disease in plants
  • Increases porosity and microbial activity in soil
  • Improves water retention and ventilation
  • Serves as a mild pesticide
  • It  benefits the environment by reducing the need for chemical fertilizers
  • It decreases the amount of waste going to landfills.
  • a Potent liquid (Tea) can be extracted  from vermicompost that is filled with organic matter, microorganisms, and nutrients
  • This tea then may be applied directly to plant foliage, reportedly to enhance disease suppression.
  •  This tea also may be applied to the soil as a supplement between compost applications to increase biological activity.

Because of these incredible benefits a high demand has been placed on vermicompost and the production thereof. There is simply not enough to go around

SA Worm farmer not only produce vermicompost but it also gives you the opportunity to become a worm farmer yourself.  From your 6 year old Child all the way down to running a small scale farm in your back yard.

It opens up a platform that all ages can join in, experience farming, going green and making money in the process

Visit our product page and buy your farm today and get started